Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Last Hoorah!

The elections are over!  We hope that you all went out and voted yesterday.  According to the Missouri Secretary of State's website, Adair county had a voter turnout of 44.6%.  Below are the election results with the winners in bold.

U.S. Senate
Roy Blunt (REP)  54.3%
Robin Carnahan (DEM) 40.6%

U.S. Representative
Blaine Leutkemeyer (REP) 77.8%
Christopher Dwyer (LIB) 22.2%

State Senator (District 18)
Brian Munzlinger (REP) 54.6%
Wes Shoemyer (DEM) 45.4%

State Representative (District 2)
Zachary Wyatt (REP) 56.7%
Rebecca McClanahan (DEM) 43.3%

State Auditor
Tom Schweich (REP) 53.6%
Susan Montee (DEM) 42.6%

We feel that these election results exemplify the attitude of our local voters and hope that the candidates elected will uphold the strong, rural values of those that elected them.

We have learned a lot from this experience and sadly this will be our last post.  We have very much enjoyed writing this blog and hope that you have enjoyed reading it!  Thank you so much for your support and we hope that we brought you some valuable information. 

We hope that you continue to stay involved in political campaigns and realize how important money and endorsements are to a campaign.  We can't wait to see what the new candidates will bring.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Day is Finally Here!

Tomorrow is the day!  We and our fellow classmates have been working hard to bring you the scoop on many of your candidates and we hope you use this information to help with your consideration of who to vote for!

We're going to bring you a longer post tomorrow with the full election results. So please remember to go out and vote tomorrow! 

For those of you who need to know where exactly you can go vote, check out this website!  The only thing you have to do is type in your address and it tells you where the nearest polling station is!  

And just for fun here is a video to remind everyone to GET OUT THE VOTE!

Check back soon for full election results!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Just In: AIM Endorses Wyatt!

We're back and this time with some exciting news!  We went to the Republican Headquarters in Kirksville today and spoke with Wyatt's campaign manager, Ashley Young.  It was a quick conversation, but he gave us information that the campaign has not leaked to the media yet, so we, your republican money watchers, are bringing it to you first!

Recently Wyatt was endorsed by Associated Industries of Missouri or AIM!  AIM is a premier business trade organization.  They were established in 1919 and have been representing and supporting Missouri businesses in many ways.  Young seemed excited about this endorsement and we're very glad that he gave this information to us! 

It seems as if we're hitting the jackpot today with information on Wyatt's finances.  The front page of the Index (released today) has an article all about campaign finances.  The article basically sums up the finances of the candidates running for election next week.   

In the article it states that Wyatt received donations from four different anesthesia associations in Missouri.  These associations support Wyatt because of his stance on nurses positions.  Wyatt doesn't believe that nurses should have as many responsibilities as they do because they are restricted only to doctors.  

In a last push before the election, Wyatt has received $9,500 from several different Anesthesia groups in Missouri according the the Missouri Ethics Commission.  For a full summary on Wyatt's campaign finances visit the Missouri Ethics Commission website!

This last weekend before the election Wyatt and his campaign team are trying to get the vote out and we encourage you to pay attention to these last few days of campaigning and get out and vote too! 

5 days and counting...

Monday, October 25, 2010

One Last Look: Zachary Wyatt

Hey everyone! So we took a look at the calendar and realized there is only a little over a week until it is time to go out and vote! So this last week we're going to look at Zachary Wyatt and his funding!  For the past few weeks two of our classmates have been extensively following him.  For this information, please visit their blog Winning with Wyatt!

Wyatt has been very active with social media and has kept all of his supporters up to date with what he has been involved with.  He has three endorsers that have been common among most of our Republican candidates.  They are the Missouri Right to Life, the National Rifle Association and the National Organization of Independent Businesses.  Now, these are very common endorsers for Republican candidates and we were not surprised to see these organizations support the young candidate Wyatt.  

For more information on what these organizations stand for please visit their individual websites.  Because they are very generic donors to Republicans, Wyatt definitely meets their qualifications as a Republican candidate.  Below is a picture from his Facebook account with him at a local shooting range with a member of Friends of the NRA!

Taken from Zachary Wyatt's Facebook page.

Besides the money he has received from these three common endorsers, it looks as if he has raised money from local fund raising events that he has held.  Even though Wyatt is not receiving many endorsements from well-known, larger organizations, he is receiving the support of the people.  Wyatt has many followers in the community, but will community support be enough for Wyatt to win this election?

Look for more about Zachary Wyatt on Thursday! And don't forget election day is a week from tomorrow!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Several of the recent candidates we have discussed have been endorsed by and received donations from the National Rifle Association or the NRA.  According to Open Secrets has the NRA has spent a total of $7,284,714 this election season.  We thought it was important to discuss the NRA because they are so influential in Republican campaigns with their endorsements.

Below is a chart from  displaying the total amounts the NRA has contributed during the 2010 election:

Total Receipts$14,716,870
Total Spent  (view expenditures)$7,284,714
Begin Cash on Hand$1,634,617
End Cash on Hand$9,066,774
Independent Expenditures $6,011,892
Date of last reportSeptember 30, 2010
Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (list recipients)
(30% to Democrats, 69% to Republicans)
Contributions to this PAC from individual donors of $200 or more ( list donors)$439,336

Several of the candidates we have discussed recently, including Roy Blunt and Tom Schweich, have recieved endorsments from the NRA.  In early October Schweich was endorsed by the NRA.  The NRA has a strong history of endorsing Republican candidates with conservative values.  The many members of the NRA are encouraged to vote for these endorsed candidates, making endorsments from the NRA very valuable.  The NRA is an extremely large, national organization and is very influential in campaigns.

And because it is the start of our midterm break, we figured we would leave you with something simple to watch, an attack ad recently released attacking Susan Montee, Schweich's Democratic opponent!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Like Schweich: A Friendly Campaign!

Introducing: Tom Schweich as the Republican candidate for Missouri State Auditor!  If elected as auditor, Schweich will be Missouri's taxpayer watchdog.  While searching for information on Schweich we were both very impressed on how social media friendly his campaign website is, so you should check it out! 

The following ad is Schweich's most recent television ad and it is sponsored by Schweich for Auditor and endorsed by John Ashcroft and Missouri Right to Life.

Missouri Right to Life and John Ashcroft both endorsed Tom Schweich on June 16, 2010.  The conservative viewpoints of pro-life are upheld with Schweich and therefore Missoruri Right to Life has given him their support monetarily, while Ashcroft a celebrity factor.
Tom Schweich has not just been endorsed by well known people in the political scene, but by many supportive citizens as well.  These endorsements can be found on his campaign website in the form of video endorsements. Schweich uses technology to his advantage to relate better to the everyday voter.  By displaying video endorsements from friends, citizens, and former office holders he seems more credible.  He has extensive experience in many fields, which creates a solid platform for his campaign.  Yet he still uses a "friendly man" technique and caters to voters emotions by utilizing the video endorsements.

It is extremely important to be endorsed by well known organizations and people, but there is also importance in relating to voters.  By gaining support from the everyday citizen a campaign can be spread through word of mouth.  Schweich is one of the first candidates we've researched that has related especially well to us and we are sure, other voters.

For more information on Schweich and what is going on with his campaign, check out his Facebook page! Have a good Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Perfect Team: Munzlinger and NFIB!

Hey everyone, we're back to bring you more information on Brian Munzlinger and his campaign for State Senator!  Information seems to be far and few for both Munzlinger and his opposing candidate Shoemyer, but we're doing our best to bring you as much as we can!

We thought we would narrow it in more today and take a look at the NFIB, or the National Federation of of Independent Businesses, which supports candidates across the country who support small businesses.  Brian Munzlinger and many other Republican candidates are endorsed by the NFIB and are helping promote the Voice of Small Businesses. NFIB's mission is to protect their members so they themselves can own and operate their own businesses.

The NFIB endorsed Munzlinger on September 1, 2010.  According to Brad Jones, NFIB/Missouri state director, "NFIB is proud to endorse Brian Munzlinger because he has a clear understanding of the needs of small business owners. While in the Missouri House of Representatives he worked to protect their rights as well as fight to keep unnecessary regulations and taxes from adding to the burden of running a successful business."

Not only does the NFIB want to endorse candidates that are carrying out their mission, but the candidates also enjoy and appreciate what NFIB has done for them.

The endorsement Munzlinger received in September came from Missouri SAFE or Save America's Free Enterprise Trust, which is NFIB's political action committee.  Contributions to this trust are made by the NFIB members.

And just for fun, we thought we would add a video for you to see on Brian Munzlinger campaigning for himself!

Check back over the weekend, we may have a special post! Have a relaxing Friday and feel free to comment!